From Principal’s Desk

To be the preeminent college of pharmacy in education, research, and service.
To promote the health and well-being of our citizens
• By providing the nation’s highest quality education, research, and service
• By inspiring responsible, compassionate leadership in the profession
Welcome to the Maratha Mandal’s College of Pharmacy. I hope you will learn much more about our extraordinary programs for outstanding people. I open this message by starting our vision and mission because that is the foundation of everything we do.
You visit us during a period of change, growth, and opportunity. At the college, we are, in addition to our usual activities, setting up new facilities and equipment to facilitate students to learn cutting-edge technology.
And never has there been a more exciting time to be learning and advancing the pharmaceutical sciences and the professional practice of pharmacy. Health care, including how drugs are developed and used, is about to be transformed by the advances being made daily through genomics research. Personalized pharmaceutical therapies will be a reality while the pharmacists graduating this decade are in the prime of their careers.
See change is also coming in other aspects of health care. As the new Medicare drug benefit, which requires medication therapy management services to patients with certain chronic conditions, is implemented, the community pharmacist’s role in direct patient care is expanding. And there will be more patients than ever to care for as the Baby Boom generation leaves middle age and begins to require ever-increasing levels of health services.
The evolution brings both greater responsibility and increased opportunity for us as scientists and practitioners to attend to the critical questions of ensuring the safe use of medications. The pharmacist and the pharmaceutical scientist are key players in making that new and existing drug therapies are safe when they come to market, are prescribed appropriately, are used safely, and are accessible to those who need them. We will be at the forefront in developing a full understanding of drug safety and quality issues and implementing approaches to reducing medication errors that cost our nation dearly in both rupees and lives.
Our college boasts faculty expertise in these important disciplines and is positioned well as a national leader influencing research, policy, and pharmacy education. I am very proud to welcome you to The Maratha Mandal’s College of Pharmacy.

Dr. Vishnu A. Kangralkar
Maratha Mandal’s
College of Pharmacy, Belgaum.

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